About FitComm

FitComm helps companies and organizations operate more sustainably and responsibly.  We help our clients identify the material impacts, evaluate all operations from a sustainability perspective and take responsibility to the strategy and daily operations – without forgetting reporting and communication.

FitComm helps its clients to become fit and responsible.  A healthy organization has the stamina to maximize its positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts – to succeed sustainably.

FitComm works with a vast network of experts from different fields; from legal advisers and visual designers to creative writers, researchers and environmental experts.

The founder of FitComm, Riikka Rantakari, has nearly 20  years of experience in corporate responsibility and communication. Riikka’s areas of expertise include strategic corporate responsibility, sustainability programs, corporate responsibility reporting, communications and stakeholder relations. She has supported over 50 organizations in their sustainability work and communication. Riikka has a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki.

Physical well-being is important to Riikka – in a healthy body lives a healthy mind. She is also a football coach, gym trainer, and an active sports woman with studies in biology and nutrition. Nature and Lapland are close to Riikka’s heart. Riikka and her husband have three energetic children.

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